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For more than 15 years our company has been producing unique oxygen cosmetics, with love and tender caring for young and healthy look of your skin. We are very grateful to over 5 million customers who use Faberlic products daily and always value its exceptional quality.

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From 20 May until 9 June 2017


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Place a paid order for € 36,00 / £ 32,00 or more (in catalogue prices), which € 18,00 / £ 16,00 automatically partly shall be paid with the gift.


If the order shall be less than € 36,00 / £ 32,00, you shall not be able to use the gift to pay for this order, but it shall remain on your account until June 9th and will be activated when placing an order for € 36,00 / £ 32,00 or more.

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Faberlic is open to all and offers you several options of co-operation. After registration you can select which way to go:

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